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Don’t miss these Top trending return gift Jute bags

Any regular gift turns attractive with a twist added to it… See how these regular looking jute bags changed with a little zing added… Read on…

Latha is nervous about this first function after her wedding..Guest list, catering,decorations are all taken care..With a tight budget left out, she wanted a useful return gift( A Bag) to her guests…A regular Jute but the one that do the magic on guests…Bring out the smile…

People at suggested these traditional jute bags with a difference…

Awww…A regular jute bag…Wait…wait..What…a beautiful kolam on it…Woww…How it adds a traditional twist to this gift…Very well within my budget..I can get it here
Jute Bags with Kolam Print

Mirror work Jute Bags:

Mirror work on sarees..Dupatta with Mirror work..Mirror work Kurtis…So why not a jute bag with mirror work…What a novel Idea…I might as well buy this here

Jute bags
Jute bags with mirror work

Foil work jute bags

Foils and laces not only add colour to sarees and suits, but to jute bags as well…This contrast foil work on the jute bag is nothing but attractive..I love to take it from here or can I reserve one for myself,thought Latha…

Jute bags
Jute bags with foil work

Denim Lunch bags

Denim..Denim…Denim…What a versatile look this does..Here is a Jute lunch bag with that denim look…Lovely…It will be useful to carry lunch and my guests are gonna love it…comes with a velcro closing as well..Can I take 10 or more from here?

Jute Lunch bag
Denim look Jute lunch bag

Jute bag with ikkat work

Ikkat and Kalamkari are the most in-thing these days…Why should jute bags be left out off the trend ??Nice contrast ikkat prints.. Sturdy handles..Good buy here

Jute bags with ikkat work

Jute bags with brocade work

Plain sarees with contrast brocade blouses…So is a jute bag with contrast brocade print…Such eye catching prints…Think I can take this here

Jute bags
Jute bag with brocade

Jute bags with contrast blocks

Look at these…Contrast blocks..Like a chess board pattern..Sure to impress any guests for any occasion…Nice.there are 2 sizes..What’s price here 

Jute bags with contrast blocks

Tri-colour Jute bag:

Any thing in tri-colour surely wins hearts of people..Nice combo…Such best price…Yes,,this is going to be my buy here


Lovely experience…Must check out other varieties of jute bags available here thought Latha..Completely satisfied…