2018-Top 10 Picks for Housewarming Ceremony
“Build a House, Perform a wedding” is an old Tamil saying..Prove enough to say how uphill tasks these occasions are..  While gifts play an important role in any celebration, return gifts for any occasion are equally vital. They remind your guests of the occasion and hospitality and are sure to create wonderful memories in the coming days. Hence they act as a memorable token for those who were a part on this auspicious day.
1. Marble Ganesha Chowki
Ganesha, the lord of auspicious beginnings is always a blessing return gift for your guests. This Marble chowki with Ganesha never fails to impress guests. Packed in a beautiful box, this is the best pick for your guests at Housewarming / GrahaPravesam ceremony. This wonderful piece of marble Art finds a permanent place in your guest’s Pooja room or living room decor reminding your noble thought of gifting on your memorable day. Priced at Rs.125 these are one of the fast-moving gifts of 2018. You can place an order with Athulyaa Gifts here
2. Shadow Diya or Shadow Lamp never ceases to surprise guests. On No.2 Position is again Lord of Blessings Ganesha Shadow Lamp. Packed in a beautiful box, this is a unique combination of divinity and bliss. You can see the beautiful shadow of Lord Ganesha when you light up the Diya. Every Hindu household lights the Diya every day, and this cute gift stays in your guest’s memory forever. This is also a budget-friendly gift at only Rs.85, available at Athulyaa Gifts website here
3.White metal Kamadhenu
Cow with Calf or Kamadhenu (Cow ) with Surabhi (Calf) is a sign of prosperity in Hindu Tradition. It is one of the best ways to thank your guests for attending your ceremony and celebrating your achievements. Your guests will cherish this Kamadhenu as a part of their pooja ritual. Priced at Rs.140, this gift will be a blockbuster hit with your guests. Available with Athulyaa Gifts here
4.Marble Kamadhenu
Kamadhenu, the celestial cow capable of fulfilling all our worldly wishes, in marble brings peace and prosperity to your guests. Don’t forget to notice the cute name in the forehead. This return gift is one of the best ways to thank your guests for attending your ceremony and celebrating your achievements. This is available with Athulyaa  Gifting Solutions website here

5. Meenakari work Stainless steel Glass

Who wouldn’t say No to an extra pair of Cute Glasses in the household? When the gift combines a little glitter, it always is a pleasure. This Meenakari work golden peacock stainless steel glass is a perfect combination of Modern and Traditional mix for your honorable guests. Now available with Athulyaa Gifts website athulyaa.com at a pocket-friendly rate of Rs.89 here
6. Meenakari Peacock Key Holders
Keyholders are an essential part of every household. It is both a beautiful home decor piece and a utility item. It’s an appropriate gift for people of all age groups. This meenakari peacock keyholder is a thing of beauty and budget. A utility gift, this is available with Athulyaa Gifting at just Rs.59 here. You can also check for a variety of wooden key holders here
7. Air Tight Container
Confused to choose a return gift common for both gender guests? A container never goes out of trend, when it comes to gifting. Athulyaa Gifting Solutions offers a variety of containers as return gifts for your esteemed guest. A small ladoo and savories packet of dry fruits in the airtight container is sure to bring a smile on the faces of your invitee. This is available with Athulyaa gifts in athulyaa.com here online
8. White metal Agarbatti stands :
A Nice incense Stick is a must in every household. This white metal incense stand has twin uses to accommodate an agarbatti and a dhoop. A cute Ganesha at the end adds to its divinity. This is a unisex gift which is ideal for gifting both male and female guests. Comes in two variants – Gold and Silver color, this is available with athulyaa.com here
9.A Fancy Gift Bag
Fancy handbags with ethnic designs never go out of trend when it comes to returning gifts. Bags with durability and versatility make a good housewarming return gift. Athulyaa.com has many options in bags as return gifts starting from just Rs.20. This particular Potli bag is a best seller. With Gota design lace and velvet fabric, this multicolor potli will always be a hit with your guests. Priced at Rs.95, this can be ordered here
10. Gift Hamper
Apart from the traditional and trendy gifts, you may also think to give your own customized gift hamper with edibles and goodies. Athulyaa.com has a variety of options for creating your gift hamper. Cane baskets are a popular choice when it comes to gifts hampers. Choose one according to your budget and build your own hamper. Your guests are sure to be floored with these neo choices of edible gift hampers. This duck-shaped basket is the favorite for many customers. Priced at Rs.185, Available at athulyaa.com here

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